Kęstutis Morkūnas

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Kestutis Morkunas is curently working at Innovation and entrepreneurship center at Kaunas university of technology. He is the head of Technology Transfer Office, which aims to build bridges between researchers and business people and commercialise University"s scientific output

Symposium HOWTO Things

TITLE: The birth and growth of innovation and the environments that support it


Kestutis will speak about birth ang growth of innovations in the environments that support it. Told from a perspective of a startuper, the presentation will try to discuss questions on ideas, testing them, growing them and how to make it happen sucessfully. Parts of the presentation will be based on Kestutis' social project called "Kur dingo pinigai" - a personal finance management tool - by describing and explaining the idea, processes and the technology behind it. Kestutis will provide some insights from his personal expierence on successful entrepreneurship.