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Dr. Vytautas Michelkevičius ­(LT) is a curator, art and media researcher, associate professor at Vilnius Academy of Art and former artist. He holds a PhD in Communication and Media studies from Vilnius University. Since 2011 he is artistic director of Nida Art Colony – artist in residency and experimental education space on the Baltic Sea Coast in Lithuania (www.nidacolony.lt). At the moment he is doing post-doctoral research on artistic research as intersection between art practice and humanities and social sciences. Vytautas Michelkevičius has authored or edited more than 10 catalogues and books on media theory, art and photography in 2002–2014.

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The Idea

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The Technology

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Symposium HOWTO Things

Title: HOW TO map for artistic research


In contemporary knowledge production and distribution communication is gaining unbelievable speed and it is becoming nearly impossible to find collaboration and communication methods between artists and scientists. My proposal is that mapping and visualization could be a platform (and a common language) where artists and scientists could meet. I am going to develop some arguments based on my projects as curator and editor in the light of artistic research.