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Mindaugas Gapševičius (LT/DE) earned his MA at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and is currently doing MPHIL/PhD at Goldsmiths University of London. He is engaged in futuristic themes and takes a critical position on contemporary neoliberal tendencies. http://www.triple-double-u.com

Symposium HOWTO Things

TITLE: Set of Instructions for Interdisciplinary Practices


An idea to create an online instruction guide for the interdisciplinary research has come up from the lack of information in relation to application of knowledge of other disciplines. While using the internet we often get the information of how to, for example, install an operational system, how to configure computer programs, how to perform exercise of how to just cook an omlet.

The HOWTO Things project aims to apply the usual processes to the unusual disciplines like art or science for understanding of the world. This in turn brings different thinking, research and production methods into one discipline. Interdisciplinarity becomes transdisciplinarity aiming in interconnectivity of all knowledge or - shortly - holistic thinking.

The presentation introduces the HOWTO Things project over the interviews given by people while thinking about variety of knowledges, knowledge transfer and systems thinking.