Network of Non-machines

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As a non-machine, we understand a human being, a non-human organism or object that is not yet integrated into the network of machines. It might be, for example, an organism that develops freely in nature and does not depend on a controlled environment such as a laboratory. Or a human without a mobile phone. We humans invented machines, which in the meantime have left their servitude to humans and are now reinventing themselves. We, behind the network, look at ourselves from the perspective of the machines and try to help them to study strategies and methods that are used by non-machines.

The Network of Non-Machines' main goal is to bring together artists, researchers and organisations that explore innovative tools and methods in architecture, art and design. Often these tools involve the use of computational machines, but they also involve the methods of organisms that thrive freely in nature. By sharing knowledge, we aim to better understand organisms and use their methods in future proposals for architecture, art and design.